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Festival Follow Up: Old Station Country Music Festival

The logo for the Old Station Country Music Festival
Old Station Country Music Festival

This festival is held in Ackworth on top of a hill, right next to a water tower where you can see views for miles. Not only views of the rolling countryside and other water towers too, but its also an incredible spot to sit and watch the weather coming in!

Summer, is that you?

The whole weekend was sunny and bright, apart from one extremely rainy spell. It was very surreal to be enjoying the sunshine, whilst all around the hill, we could see these huge, dark clouds emptying in nearby towns and villages. The hill seemed to have its own little weather system! The flags from parked caravans and motor-homes were flying in all different directions, all at the same time.

Talking of clouds, remember that film 'Independence Day', where the Alien ship comes out of a huge cloud? We witnessed one which was scarily similar, fortunately no Alien's appeared!

A blue sky with a large cloud

(Line) Dance the night away

The main Marquee where all the country magic happens, is a really good size and has its own set of doors to keep the unseasonable winds out, and the warmth in. Everyone who attends the festival, comes armed with flags, lights and ornaments to dress up their tables for the weekend. You can bring your own food and drink to the festival, or if you'd prefer someone else did the pouring for you, then there is a very well stocked bar which seems to cater for just about everyone! I particularly enjoyed the wide variety of Gins, not a bad selection for a little bar!

There was two separate dance floors, one at the front of the marquee and one at the back. Impressively, both were full for the majority of the time with happy line dancers and partner dancing. The stage was at the front of the marquee, which could easily be seen from any of the tables.

The festival marquee at night, singer on stage and dressed tables

A Good, Clean, Fun Festival

There are Portaloos situated just outside the marquee and are separated into Women's and Men's, always a good thing! There are many more scattered around the site, some just next to the showers too. Onto the topic of showers, as a 'veteran festival go-er', I've experienced my fair share of campsite showers, and these ones I have to say, are the BEST festival showers that I have ever experienced.

The showers were a moulded design, very bright white with powerful hot water. Yes, you still had to press a button for the water (in my case, my elbow did just the job), but they were pure luxury. It was a little like a wet room, which meant the condensation did travel, so my top tip from one festival shower-er to another, is to take a bag to pop your clothes in, rather than hanging them from a hook where they may get a little damp!

The important, music stuff

Stalls at the festival

There was three stalls open for the duration of the Festival, including ours. Kelly's Fashion sells really lovely Clothes, small Accessories and Handbags, while Pam and Chris sell some fabulous second hand items (ornaments, jewellery etc.) at great prices. A burger van was also on site which was perfect for a quick bite, although most people do tend to cook for themselves!

If you happened to have any energy left over after all that dancing, then there was a shoot out that you could take part in (yes, real guns!) and horseshoe throws for £1.00 a go. This ran throughout the weekend and trophies were handed out on the Sunday evening to the winners. I tried the horseshoe throwing, harder than it looks, so no trophy for me this time! All money raised from these activities is donated to the charity, Help for Hero's which has been nominated by the organisers.

There was a great variety of music over the weekend, from both bands and solo acts. The noise levels were spot on, never too loud but always loud enough to enjoy! The music played was generally older country than new, but this was hugely popular with the audience and dancers, no complaints from us!

Everyone at the festival was so friendly, anyone you didn't know at the start of the weekend, you sure knew by the end of it! These are our favourite types of festival, we're certainly not shy!

Well done to Nigel and his team for another great festival. See you next year!

Did you attend the festival? Share your favourite moments below!

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1 Comment

Sep 01, 2023

My favourite moment - sat in the marquee listening or dancing to some fantastic music from brilliant artists / bands with my huge ’country family’ - good times. Booked for next year already - and can’t wait 🤠

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