Talolo Aztec Funk Orange Cowgirl   Wellies
  • Talolo Aztec Funk Orange Cowgirl Wellies


                     Zest for life - Bold, bright and very orange



    Striking statement cowboy boots that will stand out from the crowd. Perfect festival boots to jazz up your festival outfits. They look cool with skirts, jeans or shorts and of course a great hat! You won’t get missed in these all out there wellington boots!


    Often spotted   Crowd surfing at festivals
    Last seen    Wandering around Crufts with a Miniature Long Haired Dachshund


    Why you need a pair

    Super comfortable, with a soft gel reinforced 3cm heel
    Beautifully cut close to the leg for a flattering look
    Made from sustainably sourced high-quality biodegradable rubber
    Cotton lined
    100% waterproof
    Mid calf height


    Fitting guide


    Sized in European sizes from 36 to 41.
    We strongly advise you to go up a size, as they are a snug fit. 

    It's always good to have room for a decent sock in there.


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