Stetson Kingsley Vitafelt Western Hat
  • Stetson Kingsley Vitafelt Western Hat

    This Stetson is worth seeing and - above all - worth wearing!

    Inspired by Indian feathered headdresses, this unique Western hat features an expensive, colourful band with eye-catching side feather.

    This hat reaches new hights in American hat making by the exclusive Stetson VitaFelt process. It's light - it's soft - it's flexible - it has a luxurious feel. No hat-maker ever turned out to be a better lightweight felt. Made of 100% water repellent pure wool this VitaFelt is handmade by American craftsmen in USA.

    Roll it and shape it your way. It will be your one of a kind hat.



    100% Woolfelt

    Aaprox Size

    Sml  -   55cm 

    Meduim -