Talolo Urban Croc Cowgirl Wellies

Talolo Urban Croc Cowgirl Wellies

                                                   Street Style Chic



Combining two of the hottest trends into one – mock croc and cowboy boots. Then add the fact that they are women’s wellies and no one, seriously, realises they are 100% waterproof wellington boots and you are ready for all street style eventualities. These welly boots are a hot favourite as they are chic, edgy, and elegant and won’t go out of style. Just wear them as you would a black boot and only you know your feet will remain 100% dry!

Did you know a group of crocodiles is called a bask?



Often spotted  Trotting down Knightsbridge with a designer handbag
Last seen   A marquee black-tie party, wading through the muddy car park.


Why you need a pair

Super comfortable, with a soft gel reinforced 3cm heel
Made from sustainably sourced high-quality biodegradable rubber
Cotton lined
100% waterproof

Fitting guide:

Sized in European sizes from 36 to 41.
We strongly advise you to go up a size as they are a snug fit.   

It’s always good to have room for a decent sock in there.


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