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Talolo Paisley Vibe Cowgirl  Wellies

Talolo Paisley Vibe Cowgirl Wellies

£59.00 Regular Price
£50.00Sale Price


                   Bring on the power of the Paisley flower!


Channel your bohemian vibe in these paisley design women’s boots. Whether you are a ’60’s rocker with a penchant for the paisley print look, or want a modern on-trend look with this true vintage design, you can’t go wrong with these cowboy boots. When you wear your Paisley Vibes you will be walking on air (and in water!).


Often spotted: On the touchline of rugby pitches up and down the country
Last seen: Dancing a jig in the Irish bar at Cheltenham races


Why you need a pair

Super comfortable, with a soft gel reinforced 3cm heel
Made from sustainably sourced high-quality biodegradable rubber
Cotton lined
100% waterproof


Fitting guide

Sized in European sizes from 36 to 41.
We strongly advise you to go up a size as they are a snug fit.   

 It’s always good to have room for a decent sock in there.

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